API plans and prices

With access to the Cosmos API, you can get the product description, GTIN, image, GPC (category), NCM, dimensions, price, weight and brand.

It works like this, you hire a plan and has access to a number of queries per day.

What is a request?

We call request an access made to get information.

For example, you have a retail system and need to consult the Coke information, your system will integrate with our and get the necessary information.

The difference between the plans is the amount of requests available for you by day, they all have the same product information.

Choose the plan that works best for you ! Our price is flexible, so you can get and pay exactly what you need.

How does the request work?

To know how to make the request and how the data is returned click here

Any doubt? Contact us [email protected]


Grátis Para sempre

Up to 25 requests per day

Default plan


R$499,99 Por mês

Up to 100 requests per day

Get started


R$999,99 Por mês

Up to 200 requests per day

Get started


R$1999,99 Por mês

Up to 500 requests per day

Get started


High-volume needs?

Get started

* By default you already have access to Basic plan at your account.

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